Political agreement ensures new EU tyre labelling

dækmærkning viegand maagøe tyres eu

In May 2021, a new and updated EU tyre labelling will take effect to help reduce energy levels in the transport sector within the EU. Viegand Maagoe’s technical support to the European Commission has played a part in ensuring that the EU now gets a tyre labelling of higher standard.  

The European Parliament, the Council of Ministers and the European Commission reached an agreement November 13 on a new European tyre labelling, which will replace the current label from 2009.

Easier to know the efficiency of the tyres

The new label makes it even easier for consumers to know the fuel and braking efficiency as well as the external noise level of the tyres before purchase. The energy efficiency classes of the label will be updated to make it easier to find those tyres that have the lowest consumption of fuel or electricity. If a consumer moves from a C-label to one with an A-label, the consumer will be able to save approximately 110 litres of fuel in the lifespan of the tyres.

For the European Commission, Viegand Maagøe has analysed how the label could be updated and improved and has carried out a detailed assessment of the consequences of a new label to energy consumption, environmental impact, economy and employment as well as to the tyre companies.

The European Commission expects that the new tyre labelling will create energy savings equivalent to taking 4 million cars off European roads every year.