Boliganalysen comes in 3rd place at the Danish Digital Award

Boliganalysen Danish Digital Award 23

On Friday, we won the bronze medal for our work on the digital tool, Boliganalysen.

And we are really proud of it! We were nominated for Danish Digital Award in the category “Public Sector and Government – Tech Development.” The award was given based on the following justification:

“Boliganalysen is an intelligent and personalized digital tool for homeowners in Denmark, whereby the Danish Energy Agency has made carbon footprint reductions easy and practicable. Moreover, the platform encourages municipalities to create campaigns targeting local citizens, thereby increasing relevance and effectiveness.”

With Boliganalysen, it is possible for municipalities to create segmented communication all the way down to specific buildings using the platform’s sorting tool. After segmenting the target audience, they can send tailored messages regarding, for example, assistance when converting to a new heating system.

Boliganalysen is freely available to all Danish municipalities and is operated and developed by the Danish Energy Agency. The tool was developed in collaboration with Middelfart Kommune, Høje-Taastrup Kommune, Lolland Kommune, KL, Realdania, and Bolius. Viegand Maagøe has been responsible for the daily operations and development since the initial sketches.

The Danish municipalities have referred to Boliganalysen as the “weapon of mass reduction” because it is one of the best tools for reducing Denmark’s CO2 emissions. 40% of the country’s energy consumption is used for heating buildings, and the majority of our energy consumption comes from fossil fuels. We can do better.

The Danish Digital Award aims to reward and showcase the most inspiring, effective, and well-executed digital work that develops or supports a company’s or organization’s business activities. We have been working on Boliganalysen since 2018 and are proud to see our efforts being recognized.

Pernille Yding Fredslund has been the project leader for Boliganalysen since 2022 when she joined Viegand Maagøe as the Head of Digital.

“It is a project that is very close to my heart because it actually makes a difference for the employees of the municipalities working with climate activities. With this platform, we have made their daily work easier. And the Danish citizens will receive tailored information on saving energy.'”

Watch the case video of Boliganalysen