Nordic Business Light case

Branding Strategy for LED Company

Reference: Nordic Business Light

How does a new company manage their messages and generate brand awareness? With a strong storytelling and strategic communication.

Viegand Maagøe have created a website, storytelling, a LinkedIn page, and PR for Nordic Business Light, who delivers light solutions to the business industry.

How we solved the task

Nordic Business Light was a relatively new company. The company wanted to create attention towards their solutions with LED lighting at CEO level in bigger companies within warehouse, transport logistics, and store chains. Thus, there was  a need for professionalizing Nordic Business Light’s communication, defining their brand, and raising brand awareness.

With close dialogue with Nordic Business Light, we started developing the company story and 3 key messages as a starting point for the communication activities. The point was to ensure consistency of the content and the right messages to the target group.

We developed a whole new website with i.a.:

In addition, we built a LinkedIn page and created a distribution and content strategy.

For PR, we used a classical press campaign to tell the story of Nordic Business Light and their project about replacing the light in 700 COOP stores. The strategy was to utilize the interest in COOP and the news about Denmark’s biggest LED project, to date. Moreover, two stories were produced: one story about the technical development in the field of LED and one story about the health impact from invisible flickering light.

Reference: Nordic Business Light

Contract period: 2019


Within a short period of time, Viegand Maagøe delivered a company storytelling, a website, a LinkedIn page, and PR. The development of the company story and the primary messages gave a strong foundation for all their communication, and it created a clear link between the messages:

Global Goals

The project contributes to several of the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development:


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