Glostrup Kommune case

Employees’ Eco-Friendly Behaviour Saves Energy and Money

Reference: Glostrup Municipality

How do you minimize energy consumption without conducting large investments? With a campaign focusing on eco-friendly behaviour.

Viegand Maagøe have developed and completed a campaign to boost eco-friendly behaviour at Glostrup city hall and library in cooperation with the municipality.

How we solved the task

The campaign at Glostrup city hall and library lasted four weeks and included six buildings. Viegand Maaagøe was responsible for the external communication of the campaign and developed the campaign concept.

Key employees were key to success

The most important participants were key employees appointed from each of the six buildings. During the campaign they met and discussed new initiatives and ideas, and they competed against each other for the greatest energy savings.

At the entrance of each building employees could monitor their energy consumption daily on a display.  The campaign was communicated through internal stories on the intranet and press releases were issued to local newspapers. Other nudging tools were put in motion like chocolate and posters as practical tools to influence behaviors.

Glostrup Kommune våbenskjold

Reference: Glostrup Municipality

Contract period: 2014

Our energy experts conducted nightly inspections of all six buildings as part of the campaign. In combination with employee ideas and engagement during the campaign, more than 60 proposals for how to improve and save more energy were submitted.

At the end of the campaign Glostrup Municiplaity had made visible savings. The six buildings saved in average 9,500 kWh of electricity during the campaign.

Electricity saved in DKK:
ca. 19,000 DKK during the campaign.
ca. 250,000 DKK annually.
ca. 1,000 DKK pr. employee, annually.

Some savings were due to technical initiatives uncovered in the process, for instance, adjustment of the ventilation at the library. Most savings were due to change of behaviour.

The campaign went beyond our greatest expectations. The idea of empowering key employees has been hugely rewarding. It has been a pleasure to experience their commitment, which spread also to the management.
Ghita Lentz
Glostrup Municipality
Global Goals

The project contributes to the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development:


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