Ashish Chawla

PhD Mechanical Engineering

  Copenhagen, Denmark


+45 60 29 78 37

About Ashish

Ashish works with industries and businesses to make them become more sustainable through a systemic approach of engineering, sustainability, and data analytics. He likes to cook different types of cuisines and engage in philosophical dialogues.

Ashish Chawla Provides Sustainable Solutions

Ashish Chawla is a passionate solution provider in Viegand Maagøe’s industry department with a dedication for innovative solutions and commitment to building a more sustainable future for everyone.

Unexpected Career Trajectory

Originally hailing from India, Ashish embarked on a transformative journey when he made Denmark his new home in 2016. Prior to this chapter, he spent a significant part of his life in India, where he pursued his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and worked for three years. Ashish’s professional trajectory took a distinctive turn as he delved into the realms of sustainability and optimization, driven by his innate interest in refining industrial processes.

“From 2012 to 2015, I was working in an industry in India. That was my first practical understanding of how resources are seen from a real-world perspective. And the first time the complete knowledge, that I generated in my chemical engineering education, came to light.”

The Scandinavian Lifestyle

Though the term ‘sustainability’ wasn’t yet a part of his dictionary, the practical understanding and enthusiasm for optimizing various aspects of industrial operations led him to explore opportunities in Scandinavia. Here he discovered a strong focus on sustainability which quickly piqued his interest. As a result, Ashish applied for a course in sustainable energy at DTU and moved to Denmark in 2016. He explains how he quickly fell in love with the minimalistic Scandinavian culture and became fascinated by sustainability. After completing his master’s degree in sustainable energy and a Ph.D., he began working in Viegand Maagøe August 2023.

Intercultural Curiosity

Although Ashish loves the Scandinavian culture, he also has an intercultural curiosity. At the international collegium Basecamp in Copenhagen, Ashish immerses himself in an intercultural community, cherishing the diversity of perspectives.
“It’s nice to live with people. It gives you a very accepting and open vibe in some ways. Because you just realize what people do. There’s like a cultural aspect to that as well. It makes you a bit more open towards what you see as your correct way of living”.

To Do Well, I Need to Be Well

But Ashish’ life is not only about sustainability and industrial projects. He recently had a grand realization, namely the link between personal wellbeing and professional effectiveness. This realization caused him to adopt a health-oriented lifestyle, prioritizing physical and mental wellbeing to ensure he can be a force for positive change.

“I am very passionate about doing well. If I’m not well, I cannot make the world better. I need to be well too.”