Moving to the Netherlands does not prevent Kristian Madsen from mapping CO2 emissions for municipalities and companies in Denmark

What do you do when your girlfriend is offered her dream PhD in the Netherlands? For Kristian Madsen, there was no doubt: he traveled with her and now he has the prospect of 4 years in orange. Meanwhile, Kristian solves a lot of important tasks for Viegand Maagøe from his home office in the Netherlands.

– Throughout this spring I have worked with Concito to set up scenarios for zero emissions in 2050 for a number of municipalities. As part of the DK2020 project at Realdania, the municipalities must prepare some ambitious climate change plans. A CO2 mapping is step 1 when initiating a climate effort. It is satisfying to create the first insight that is the key to the next steps, Kristian says.

Corona prisoner in a foreign country

The corona pandemic has affected Kristian in a special way.

– The Netherlands closed down already two weeks after my girlfriend started her PhD, and she is still working from home. Corona challenges to make new friendships and create a network. We use a lot of time riding bikes and running in the woods, which is right outside our door. We also get to see a lot of TV series. An advantage of the corona situation is that my colleges are getting used to communicate without meeting physically, and that is very advantageous in my situation, being abroad, says Kristian.

Kristian Madsen Viegand Maagøe

Kristian works with climate accounts and reduction potentials, as well as with developing calculation tools and data management. In his spare time, Kristian enjoys climbing, practicing fitness, and above all, running in hilly terrain.

Mobil: +45 93 88 25 47

Cycled across the United States

Kristian was born in the Danish town Holbæk but moved to Copenhagen to study at the University of Copenhagen. As he graduated in 2016, he and his girlfriend spent a half year cycling across the United States.

As Kristian was offered a job at Viegand Maagøe, he was not late to say yes.

– Helping others with the green transition is very motivating for me. Also, I wanted to work in a small consulting house where there is a lot going on across teams. And then I already knew some of my good colleagues from a collaboration on the digital tool The Danish CO2 Inventory Platform, which I had been involved in during my time as a student assistant at NIRAS, says Kristian.

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Kristian is mapping the environment

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Kristian Madsen Viegand Maagøe
Kristian Madsen

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