Keynote: Upscale Energy efficiency

carsten glenting eefig

Our head of strategy, Carsten, will be presenting the latest results from the Energy Efficiency Financial Institutions Group ‘EEFIG’ on the link between energy efficiency improvements, credit risk and asset value.

This takes places at the COP26 side-event “Upscale energy efficiency financing – identifying and overcoming the investment gap” on Thursday 4 November, 17h-18h CET.

To join the virtual event, you need to register at and then you can choose the events that you want to attend.

De-risking energy efficiency through better reference data


Energy effieciency in buildings is a great way for Europe to meet its climate goals. The new and improved DEEP platform will help decision makers better assess the risks and benefits of energy efficiency investments across Europe.
Carsten Glenting explains how DEEP 2.0 makes financial risks easier to assess than before through better use of data points.

Read more in the article below:
DEEP 2.0 – De-risking energy efficiency through better reference data

Have a great summer!

summer sommer viegand maagøe

Most of us will be away on summer vacation for the next few weeks.

We are looking forward to working toward a more sustainable future with all of you, when we’re back ☀️

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