Film and animation

Film and animation are tools to spread your knowledge. And it is important to look at all your needs together before deciding on a solution.

Carbon accounting

With a carbon accounting in hand, you both get an overview of your company's climate footprint and can set concrete reduction targets for your CO2 emissions.

Circular economy

LCA – Life cycle assessment

LCA - Life Cycle Assessment in Danish provides a solid data base both for strategic decisions and design choices at product level.

ESG Navigator: Digital ESG tool

ESG Navigator is a digital ESG tool for strategic work with ESG. It guides you step by step through materiality assessment, data processing and ESG reporting.


The ESG report is an important tool for developing and demonstrating the company's work with social responsibility.

Communication strategy and plan

Get off to a strong start with a communication strategy and plan that translates your business strategy into a sustainable sustainability narrative.


When we develop websites, we take pride in creating solutions that fit your needs and don't require unnecessary resources in development and maintenance.

Content and mediation

Tailor the message to the target audience without compromising on expertise. We make the complex easily understandable and engaging through text and visual tools.

User testing and user analysis

Remember to involve users in both the concept and development phases. You'll undoubtedly get a better product by conducting user testing and analysis.


Electrification is a good starting point if you want to future-proof your company. At the same time, you'll achieve a greener and more efficient production profile.


Whether your goal is branding or engagement, we collaboratively develop a campaign concept tailored to target audiences and channels.

Behaviour campaigns

Behavior campaigns require an understanding of the target audience and knowledge of behavioral design. We create solutions that influence behavioral patterns, for example, among your employees.

Digital solutions

Digital solutions with integration of proprietary and public data can provide valuable insights and knowledge for both you and your customers.

Press and PR

Use press and PR to strengthen your business. We help you avoid greenwashing and ensure that you don't miss out on valuable PR and media opportunities.

Sustainability Communication

Working with sustainability increasingly offers strategic opportunities and competitive advantages – but also presents significant pitfalls if communication is not well-managed.

Community management

Through understanding user conversations and reactions, you can develop the community and ensure that your users continue to experience value by following you.

Graphic design

The written word rarely stands strongest on its own. Therefore, there is a need for visual solutions that are not only visually appealing but also cohesive with the rest of your communication.


Podcast gives voice to stories and brings the listener closer to you. It can supplement the existing communication both internally and externally.

ESG Strategy

An ESG strategy isn't only about meeting EU reporting requirements. It also creates value by addressing opportunities and risks across the entire value chain.

Carbon footprint reporting

Viegand Maagøe will help you formulate a carbon footprint report which presents your numbers and data distinctly and visually alongside your strategy.

Courses and workshops

We offer courses and workshops tailored to your sustainability journey whether you are just getting started, at a standstill, or in need of an update on current trends. Our aim is to equip you with inspiration, knowledge, and the right tools to strengthen your organisation’s work with sustainability.


Companies can attain financial benefits and minimize risks in misunderstanding the legal requirements. We advise companies and authorities regarding legal requirements.

Product sustainability

An essential element in creating a sustainable world is the design of our products. We analyze improvement potentials and we help develop and design sustainable products.


Mapping energy and resource consumption makes it possible to plan a climate effort and save costs by optimizing production and operation.


Improved buildings use less energy. We assist private and public organisations in mapping and minimizing their energy consumption.

Transaction advisory

With transaction advisory, we advise companies, authorities, and investors on financing green transitions, from idea to realization.

Business models

There are plenty of business opportunities in green transition. We work closely with our customer in order to convert their initial business idea into a viable business model.

Technical support - industry

We assist Danish and international industrial companies in all aspects of the energy saving process, from initial analysis to execution and verification of projects.

Energy sector

The energy sector is an ever changing and politically regulated industry. We assist utility and energy companies in making the right decisions and turning those decisions into completed projects.

Cost Benefit Analyses

We support national and local authorities in their green transition. Our experts establish and communicate Cost Benefit Analyses for policies and projects.

Financial modelling

Is your project financially sustainable? We assist with evaluating the financial sustainability of projects and business concepts.

Financing strategies

Want to realize ambitious goals? We support public authorities, companies, and project developers in identifying suitable financing strategies.

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