After years of fruitful collaboration, we are pleased to announce the acquisition of VHK, a Dutch firm renowned for its technical expertise in eco-design and energy labelling. This strategic move enables us to tackle increasingly complex challenges.

VHK stands as a leading authority in Europe, offering technical advice on eco-design and energy labelling. Since its inception in 1993, VHK has been instrumental in supporting the European Commission and member states by providing in-depth analyses and groundwork for legislation and policy initiatives in eco-design and energy labelling, covering a range of products from light bulbs to expansive heating systems.

Søren Eriksen, CEO, says: “Our core expertise lies in facilitating the green transition. We aim to maximize our impact, and currently, the EU is spearheading the green agenda. Integrating VHK into Viegand Maagøe enhances our capacity to address a broader spectrum of tasks for both the EU and our diverse clientele, spanning Danish and international markets. This acquisition aligns with our goal to establish Viegand Maagøe as a premier Danish consultancy with a vast and varied portfolio across numerous countries.”

The EU places significant emphasis on eco-design and energy labelling, which are pivotal for realizing its ambitious objectives for a sustainable transition. Eco-design mandates environmentally friendly product designs, while energy labelling distinguishes products based on their energy efficiency, using an A-G scale.

Natural part of international expansion

Mette Rames, who leads our sustainability department, says: “This acquisition significantly bolsters our ability to navigate the intricacies of the EU’s product regulation landscape. VHK’s team is among the most skilled in Europe, possessing unparalleled expertise that strengthens our position and enables us to tackle complex, technical challenges for a wide array of clients, both private and public.”

VHK, with its main office in Delft and a dedicated branch in Brussels, is set to see an expansion in staff and capabilities, enhancing our service offerings to the EU’s institutions and beyond.

Having worked together on numerous EU framework contracts since 2005, Viegand Maagøe and VHK have developed a deep mutual understanding and respect. VHK will continue as a subsidiary under its own name.