For many years, Dorte Bregnhøj has worked to ensure that the development of competences, talent, and business go hand in hand. She will continue this effort as a board member at Viegand Maagøe and looks forward to deepening her understanding of the green transition and the ESG area.

Viegand Maagøe welcomes a new face to the board: Dorte Bregnhøj, an independent management consultant and co-founder of PeopleCentric.

Her background includes roles at companies such as McKinsey, Ferrosan, and QVARTZ (now Bain), where she focused on aligning business strategy with human development. Experience that she expects to draw on in her board work at Viegand Maagøe.

“At the core of Viegand Maagøe’s business are skills and human resources. Thus, a key to success is attracting, developing, and retaining the right talent while preserving the company’s values and culture, even during growth.”

As a member of Viegand Maagøe’s board, Dorte Bregnhøj is eager not only to share her knowledge and experience but also to gain deeper insights into the company’s core competencies and the pressing issues of our time.

“ESG and green transition are areas of action that all companies should embrace and use to strengthen the bottom line and competitiveness, and these are areas that I very much look forward to becoming even more knowledgeable about,” she says.

The other members of Viegand Maagøe’s board are:

• Chairman Peter Østergaard (Delegate, co-CEO)
• Jan Viegand (Viegand Maagøe, partner)
• Peter Maagøe (Viegand Maagøe, partner)
• Frederik Ackermann (Danish Ejerkapital, partner)