What’s in it for you?

Calculation tools can provide a simple overview of possible financial savings. Such tools can also give an insight in how to protect the environment and the climate from e.g. COemissions. We create user friendly calculation tools from A-Z:

  • Consultancy on potentials with calculation tools
  • Development of Excel tools/models or web solutions
  • Construction of calculation logics logic calculations
  • Use of external databases
  • Cooperation with end users and developers
  • Quality assurance and tests

Calculation tools can create value in various contexts and industries, e.g.:

  • Total costs of ownership calculator: for purchase of products and using them over lifetime
    Danish name: Beregning af totalomkostninger (TCO) ved indkøb og drift af produkter
  • Switch to LED (savings with LED light in the industry)
    Danish name: Skift til LED
  • From watt to lumen (an application about lighting)
    Danish name: Fra watt til lumen
  • Power consumption for devices
    Danish name: Hvad koster apparatet i strøm?
  • House Energy (individual proposals for energy renovating)
    Danish name: Husets Energi
  • The Danish Carbon Emission Inventory Platform (a tool for municipalities)
    Danish name: Energi- og CO2-regnskabet

Why choose Viegand Maagøe?

Viegand Maagøe is specialized in combining technical knowledge together with digital competences in order to create user friendly calculation tools.

  • Experience
    We have many years of experience in developing calculation tools with different objectives and platforms.
  • The ideal combination of skills
    Our unique combination of having great technical knowledge together with digital skills secures correct and user-friendly solutions. We also have in-house communications experts.
  • Knowledge of data
    We have a detailed insight in data sources and particularly knowledge about energy data and resource data. Do you need a calculation tool about energy, climate, or resources? Then, we are your solution.

Louise Hedelund Sørensen is an energy expert who has 10 years of experience in developing and implementing calculation tools.

Mobil: +45

Jan Viegand is a Master of Science in Engineering and a journalist. He has many years of experience advising on energy efficiency and IT-tools.

Mobil: +45 20 85 80 94

What can you achieve?

With our help, you can for instance:

  • show purchasers the actual costs through a product’s lifetime
  • make it easy for the users, organizations and so on to compare products and solutions
  • create an overview of energy consumption and environmental impact
  • calculate savings
  • make difficult calculations understandable for a larger target group
  • secure consistency and standardization of statements
  • develop a platform to communicate results.