Design grafik og animation

Design for every purpose

Professional design, graphics, and animation are the keys to engaging communication. We solve complex design and branding projects as well as smaller single graphic elements.

  • Design of websites including designguide
  • Digital design and graphic elements developed with user analysis and UX/UI
  • Development of visuel identity
  • Layout of reports and other printed documents
  • Logos
  • Infographics
  • Illustrations
  • Animation

Why choose Viegand Maagøe?

Viegand Maagøe specializes in visual storytelling where message and brand are crystal clear – without compromising content:

  • Experience
    Viegand Maagøe has many years of experience visualizing the complex in simple and functional ways. Our specialists use their graphic knowhow to hit the target audience with great precision.
  • Unique expertise
    Our combination of designers and experts in communication, energy og sustainability ensures efficient work of high value and credibility.
  • Strong images
    Special focus on creating powerful rousing visuals.

Sune Kliborg is a graphic designer specializing in visual identity. He has extensive experience developing all types of graphic elements.

Mobil: +45 21 46 58 05

Aleksander Samuel Viegand Maagøe

Alexander Samuel works with graphic arts, storytelling, and user friendliness.

Mobil: +45 31 75 17 18

What can you achieve?

With our help you can:

  • simplify functions and make complex issues understandable
  • maximize the effect of your messages in PR or on social media
  • make dusty reports inspiring and professional
  • create a clear visual identity that supports your brand.
Communication and digital
København luft kampagne ren luft redder liv

Campaign about air pollution in Copenhagen

How do you inform citizens about the increasing danger of pollution without it becoming “fearmongering”? By arousing curiosity through a powerful message that makes seeking further information desirable. Viegand Maagøe has executed a campaign and a complementary website for the municipality of Copenhagen.

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