A prerequisite for realizing ambitious goals

We support public authorities, companies, and project developers in identifying suitable financing strategies in order to realize ambitious goals for the planet and your business.

We assist with the establishment of financing strategies:

  • At sector level
    Balancing long-term investments as well as operating and maintenance costs against commercial revenues and public financial contributions.
  • For public-private partnerships
    Establishing the right balance between direct user fee, capitalization of indirect value creation and financial contributions from public authorities and donors.
  • At company and project level
    Analyzing the project’s bankability through alternative scenarios.

Furthermore, we advise on investment planning as an integrated element in the process of finding the right financing strategy.

Why choose Viegand Maagøe?

Viegand Maagøe is specialized in developing well documented background analysis and decision papers and communicating them effectively:

    • Experience
      We have substantial experience across the energy-, water-, and waste sectors.
    • Interdisciplinarity
      We provide financial consulting in a natural integration with sector specific knowledge.
    • Political and commercial understanding
      Our advisers have experience with both the public and private sector.
    • Unambiguous communication
      We take pride in clear and unambiguous communication of the results of complex analytical processes.
Carsten Glenting

Carsten Glenting is Head of Strategy, Economics, and Finance. He works with financing strategies at sector-, company-, and project level.

Mobil: +45 21 64 34 89

Søren Eriksen

Søren Eriksen is our CEO. He has extensive experience in finance and acquisitions.

Mobil: +45 20 20 24 54

What can you achieve?

With our help, you can:

  • identify sustainable financing solutions at sector-, company-, and project level
  • achieve a balance between the level of ambition and the willingness to pay
  • get a tool to support further dialogue with the project stakeholders
  • get help to communicate analysis and recommendations to stakeholders and decision makers.

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