Fjernvarme district heating suppliers

Make the right decisions

District heating suppliers are an ever changing and political regulated industry where investment decisions are influenced by many future developments. We assist utility companies in making the right decisions:

  • Strategical energy planning
  • Executing feasibility studies and sketch projects
  • Cost benefit analyses
  • Setting up basis for decisions
  • Owners consultant and project management
  • Regulatory processes (project proposals, VVM-screening, environment notice etc.)
  • Preparation of tenders and contracts

Why choose Viegand Maagøe?

Viegand Maagøe is specialized in advising on the complex reality which district heating suppliers are a part of.

  • Experience
    We have a wide experience with advising the district heating industry.
  • Holistic
    A broad perspective often leads to savings or solutions you wouldn’t have seen with a narrow perspective. We have a holistic approach in our projects in order to ensure that our customers make the right decisions.
  • Knowledge of political and legal requirements
    We have extensive knowledge of the political and legal requirements regarding the district heating industry and we keep up with the development.
  • Experts in heat pump technologies
    Our broad experience with heat pumps in the district heating industry makes Viegand Maagøe the ideal partner in a time with electrification of the industry.

Peter Maagøe is MSc in Engineering and has a PhD. Peter has more than 30 years of experience in advising industrial companies, both nationally and abroad

Mobil: +45 21 70 03 08

What can you achieve?

With our help, you will achieve:

  • an overview of your energy consumption
  • identification of potential savings and minimize energy expenditures
  • a strong focus on the largest and most cost-effective solutions
  • a broad approach to all aspects of energy efficiency
  • compliance with regulations