Bæredygtige produkter

Sustainability in all stages of a product’s life cycle

An essential element in creating a sustainable world is the design of our products. We assess products’ environmental impact, from production to resume and recycle. We also analyze improvement potentials and we help developing and designing sustainable products:

  • Concept development of sustainable products and business models
  • Workshops, innovation, and brainstorms on sustainable design
  • Life cycle assessments (LCA) – resource consumption throughout the product lifecycle
  • Circular economy, business model canvas, environmental impact, biomimicry etc.
  • Sensitivity analysis: quick screening of ideas with the largest environmental impact
  • Calculation of environmental impact – new products vs. new concepts and technical potential for improvement
  • Advising on legislation, regulatory matters, labelling, and certifications:
    – The Nordic Swan Ecolabe
    – EU-Ecolabel
    – LEED
    – LGDB
    – EU Energy Labeling
    – EU Ecodesign
    – EPD (Environmental Product Declaration)

Why choose Viegand Maagøe?

  • Experience
    Several years of experience in analyzing a wide range of products across industries ensure high expertise. Furthermore, our documentation enables you to communicate your sustainability across markets all over the world.
  • Specialists in products
    We have experts with both extensive technical knowledge of products and their improvement potential. Our team consist of product developers from the industry, environmental engineers, and analysts and policy experts with experience from the European Commission’s Ecodesign projects.
  • Creativity and thoroughness
    We are continuously developing new and improved methods to solve our tasks. When a method is chosen, we work in depth and we keep working until the task is solved.
  • Distinctive communication
    We take pride in communicating complex content in an understandable manner.

Christopher Sonne Ravn holds a MA in Sustainable Design and a BSc in Engineering. He is specialized in sustainable design and circular economy. Furthermore, he has extensive experience in product development.

Mobil: +45 31 75 17 26

annette gydesen

Annette Gydesen holds a MSc in Engineering. Annette is Head of Sustainability and she is specialized in energy and environmental regulation. Additionally, Annette has more than 20 years of experience in advising on energy and sustainability.

Mobil: +45 31 75 17 06

What can you achieve?

With our help, you can for instance:

  • analyze the environmental benefits of product- and business ideas
  • utilize the potential of circular economy
  • develop a circular business model
  • design of products with improved and documented sustainability
  • prepare your products for certified buildings (e.g. DGNB or LEED) or eco-label.
Data and analysis
Dansk Affaldsminimering - case-top

Recycling of Household Plastic

Viegand Maagøe have assisted Dansk Affaldsminimering in executing a circular business model to recycle household plastic in Denmark.

Read more about the case