Mapping energy and resource consumption makes it possible to plan a climate effort and save costs by optimizing production and operation.

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samfundsøkonomiske analyser

Cost Benefit Analyses

We support national and local authorities in their green transition. Our experts establish and communicate Cost Benefit Analyses for policies and projects.

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Web solutions and tools

Need a tailored digital solution? We develop user friendly solutions from complex websites to apps and stand alone elements.

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Insights and user analyses

Behavioral insights and user analyses make it possible to create custom made content and messages. We offer qualitative and quantitative insights and analyses.

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Finansielle modeller

Financial modelling

Is your project financially sustainable? We assist with evaluating the financial sustainability of projects and business concepts.

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Calculation tools

Calculation tools can provide a simple overview of possible savings or show how you can protect the environment. We create user friendly calculation tools from A-Z.

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