Aleksander Samuel Viegand Maagøe

Aleksander Samuel

Adviser, Digital Creative, PBA in Design and business

tel. +45 31 75 17 18

Aleksander works with graphic arts, storytelling, and user-friendliness. He ensures that our projects are a pleasure to interact with – independent of the choice of media. In Aleksander’s spare time, he cuddles with his two cats, and takes care of his many plants.

Alex C. Marcher

Alex C. Marcher

Adviser, MSc in Environmental Engineering

tel. +45 60 29 78 01

Alex is an expert in life-cycle assessments (LCA) and works by building models and tools in Excel, which is used to choose environmentally friendly solutions. In his spare time, Alex studies ashtanga yoga, Indian languages and culture, movement and music.

Amalie Barnholdt

Amalie Barnholdt

Adviser, BEc

tel. +45 33 34 90 00

Amalie studies economy with a strong focus on finance, and works with city climate plans. She loves numbers and data analysis.

Amanda Worsøe Andersen

Junior Project Manager, MSc in Sustainable Design

tel. +45 33 34 90 00

Amanda is a part of our sustainability team, where she solves several assignments. In her spare time, Amanda hangs out with her friends and takes good care of her plants.

Amro Hajir viegand maagøe

Amro Hajir

Senior Project Manager, MSc in Climate Change.

tel. +45 60 29 78 10

Amro works with greenhouse gas accounting, scenario analysis and climate plans both in Denmark and internationally.
He spends his time off with his wife, family, and friends, and enjoys the great outdoors and watching sports on TV.

Anders Richter Linden

Anders Richter Lindén

Project Manager, MSc in Sustainable Energy

tel. +45 31 24 78 13

Anders works with climate strategies, sustainable business models, and data parsing. In his spare time you can find him on his family farm, or out on an adventure with his kayak.


Andreas Helk

Junior Project Manager, MSc Sustainable Energy

tel. +45 31 75 17 05

Andreas works with industrial energy optimization, with special knowledge about electrification and heat pumps. In his spare time, Andreas keeps himself fit by playing soccer and jogging in the forest.

Andreas Riis Christiansen

Senior Project Manager, MSc in Engineering

tel. +45 31 75 17 44

Andreas works with mapping, measuring, data processing, and optimization of energy flows. He is also involved in feasibility studies of large heat pumps that produce district heating. In his spare time, Andreas often goes hunting or fishing – and he likes to brew beer.

Andreas Schjørring Wied

Senior Project Manager, MSc in Engineering

tel. +45 31 75 17 43

Andreas composes strategies within energy and sustainability. Moreover, Andreas deals with energy savings in buildings – both in the public authorities and in the private sector. Andreas lives in Aarhus where he enjoys a good run or bicycle ride, when he has the day off.


Andreas Søgaard Kristensen

Junior Project Manager, MSc in Engineering

tel. +45 60 29 78 05

Ann Charlott

Ann Charlott Nielsen

Advisor, Cand.Ling.Merc

tel. +45 60 29 78 20

Ann Charlott primarily works with strategic communication and project management. She strives to create meaningful insight and value on complex topics. She enjoys a good book and is a member of a knitting network for professional communicators.

Annemette Terp-Nielsen

Annemette Terp-Nielsen

Project Manager, MSc in Social science

tel. +45 31 75 17 38

Annemette's primary task is project management. She deals with Social Media, and she consults through several helplines. In her spare time, you will find Annemette in her garden on Frederiksberg or on a playground with her son.

Annette Gydesen

Chief Adviser, MSc in Engineering

tel. +45 31 75 17 06

Annette knows everything there is to know about energy efficient products. She provides expert assistance to energy authorities in both Denmark and Norway. Annette recharges her batteries by working in her garden, going on long walks, and reading good books.

Annika Laybourn

Annika Laybourn

Senior Specialist, Online communication and usability

tel. +45 28 19 00 62

Annika is involved in web processes from strategy and concept to development, test and, operation of apps or sites. She is a fan of city life and live music.

Astrid Estrup Enemark

Senior Adviser, MSc in Economics

tel. +45 60 29 78 04

Astrid focuses on data-driven social analyses. Additionally, she is responsible for setting up calculation tools, impact assessments, financing, and cost-benefit analyses. In her spare time, Astrid likes to travel with her boyfriend and friends.

Bjarke Spliid Hansen

Project manager, BSc. Eng. (hon.), chemical engineer

tel. +45 30 28 49 89

Bjarke is specialized in regulations on energy efficiency and environmental improvements of products, particularly appliances in building and industrial service installations. He enjoys spending time in his garden, on hiking in hilly areas.

Bjarne Bach

Partner and Head of Management and Strategy

tel. +45 51 89 28 07

Bjarne specializes in strategy, cost-benefit analysis, business case calculations, and modelling of energy systems. Bjarne enjoys using his spare in Ballerup where he lives with his wife and daughter.

Bjørn Skjødt Sørensen

Senior Project Manager, B.Eng in Mechanical & Business Engineering

tel. +45 31 75 17 19

Bjørn helps our customers with energy mapping, waste heat, and management systems. When Bjørn is not at the office, you will either find him kitesurfing, hunting in the woods, or on one of Aarhus’ many paths biking or jogging.

Camilla Le Dous

Senior Project Manager, B.Eng in Indoor climate and energy

tel. +45 60 29 78 30

Camilla is a sustainability project manager, and helps companies and city councils further along their green transition. She has a sewing studio and throws garment parties and hosts workshops in her spare time.


Camilla Skjelborg Nielsen

Adviser, MA in International Business Communication

tel. +45 25 30 13 86

Carsten Glenting Viegand Maagøe

Carsten Glenting

Partner, Head of Strategy, Economics, and Finance

tel. +45 21 64 34 89

Carsten is responsible for strategic and financial consultancy. He has 30 years of experience in management consulting, the energy industry, and the financial sector. In his spare time, Carsten cultivates Japanese martial arts and plays the guitar.

Christian Jensen

Partner and Head of Section, Senior Project Manager, MSc in Engineering

tel. +45 31 75 17 20

Christian specializes in converting the energy used by industrial companies to more environmentally friendly and sustainable sources. In his spare time, Christian is a scout leader, but he also spends a lot of time climbing the wall – as an instructor.

Christine Rud Wennerberg

Chief Adviser, MSc, International Technology Planning

tel. +45 51 88 51 11

Christine is a Master of Science in Energy Planning, along with further education within economy, strategy, and management. She has broad experience working with energy legislation and -planning. Christine loves bicycles and sustainability.


Christopher Sonne Ravn

Adviser, MSc Sustainable Design

tel. +45 31 75 17 26

Christopher works with circular economy, which entails facilitating sustainable product development, circular business models, and green procurement recommendations. He spends his spare time playing squash and soccer, or watching Netlix with his girlfriend.

Claudia Erdem Viegand Maagøe

Claudia Erdem

Senior Project Manager, Cand. merc in Digital communication

tel. +45 60 29 78 18

Claudia works with our digital projects, and improves them by centering on the user and optimizing UX. She loves yoga, and spending time in nature, either by herself or with her family.

Daniel Mach

Adviser, MSc in Engineering

tel. +45

Daniel works with implementation of energy optimization projects in industrial enterprises. He uses his spare time at home where he occupies himself with his house, his garden, and his dog.


Emil Kruse Sørensen

Junior Project Manager, MSc in Mechanical Engineering

tel. +45 60 29 78 15

Emil is a part of the industrial team of advisers, and works with energy mapping and optimization of the industrial sector. He spends his spare time with friends and family, or out in nature, hunting.

Emil Rosendal Albæk (PATERNITY LEAVE)

Project Manager, MSc in Engineering

tel. +45 31 75 17 10

Emil utilizes his engineering skills and extensive knowledge of mechanics in energy saving projects and energy mappings for small and large businesses. In his spare time, Emil is a musician playing both the piano and the harmonica as well as singing.

Emma Parslov

Emma Parslov

Student Assistant, BEc

tel. +45 33 34 90 00

Emma is interested in data and statistics, especially when applied to investigate issues in society. She loves spending time with her friends and making an extra effort when cooking.

Flemming Andersen Viegand Maagøe

Flemming Andersen

Adviser, MSc Sustainable Design

tel. +45 31 75 17 25

Flemming is specialised in the development of of sustainable products and systems. He plays beach volley in his spare time, and goes surfing when the opportunity presents itself.


Frank Krogh Iversen

Senior Adviser, MSc Energy Technology

tel. +45 23 88 81 22

Frank builds and constructs energy- and CO2 audits, and innovates sector coupling and flexible energy systems. Frank spends his spare time with his wife, kids, and dog, and enjoys traveling.

Frederik Schweer-Gori

Junior Project Manager, MSc in Sustainable Energy

tel. +45 60 29 78 25

Frederik works with the use of hydrogen instead of conventional energy technologies, and has experience with international negotiations on a governmental level. He loves exploring nature through hiking and climbing mountains.

Fridolin Müller Holm

Fridolin Müller Holm

Partner, Head of Industry, MSc in Engineering

tel. +45 31 75 17 14

Fridolin advises on energy in the industrial sector. His experience covers everything from energy screening and cost-benefit analyses to water and energy optimizing. Fridolin spends most of his spare time looking after his big family of four children.

Gitte Due Viegand Maagøe

Gitte Due


tel. +45 31 75 17 37

Gitte attends to all the practical tasks at Viegand Maagøe and makes sure that all details run smoothly at our workplace. She spends her spare time with her husband, two children and a dog.

Gustav Olsen

Senior Adviser, BSc in Mechanical Engineering

tel. +45 60 29 78 16

Gustav works with project management and industrial energy optimization. He has broad experience in the process industry and with instrumentation. He spends his spare time riding mountain bike in the forest, preferably challinging trails.

Ida Stokkebye Rueskov

Senior Project Manager, MSc in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

tel. +45 31 65 53 64

Ida works with climate plans and strategic consulting. She spends her spare time with family, friends, and boat trips in the Scandinavian sea.

Irene Andersen Viegand Maagøe

Irene Andersen


tel. +45 31 75 17 24

Irene is an accountant and provides creditor accounting and billing. In her spare time, Irene listens to audio books, takes long walks in nature, and often dines with her children. Fun fact: She loves Formula One.

Jakob Vedelsby

Jakob Vedelsby

Adviser, Journalist

tel. +45 33 34 90 00

Jakob is a storyteller and develops creative concepts on our projects. Next to his work at Viegand Maagøe, he writes both fiction and non-fiction. He loves writing, hiking, and spending time with friends and family.

Jakob arbejder med kreativ konceptudvikling og historiefortælling. Sideløbende er han forfatter til en lang række romaner og fagbøger. Han elsker at skrive, vandre og være sammen med familie og venner.

Jakob Volf

Jakob Volf

Communications Adviser, Journalist

tel. +45 31 75 17 17

Jakob is involved in all parts of PR from strategy to video and text production. He loves to tell the good stories about complex subjects. Jakob spends his spare time with his two boys and dreaming about the next bicycle and hiking trip.

Jan Viegand

Partner, MSc in Engineering, Journalist

tel. +45 20 85 80 94

Jan advises on the energy efficiency of products with special focus on IT and electronics. Furthermore, Jan works across a wide range of energy related subjects and IT tools. Spain is Jan’s second homeland and he loves to read books on his Kindle.

Jeppe Carstensen

Jeppe Rosendal Carstensen

Junior Project Manager, MSc in Engineering

tel. +45 31 75 17 21

Jeppe works with energy mapping and optimisation in the industrial sector, particularly thermodynamics, numerical models, and data processing.
In his spare time, he powerlifts, runs, and goes to concerts. He enjoys cooking with his girlfriend and buddies.

Jette Ellegaard Vejen Viegand Maagøe

Jette Ellegaard Vejen

Chief Adviser, MSc in Engineering

tel. +45 31 75 17 04

Jette advises industrial customers on energy efficiency and green transitions. She has a strategical and practical approach. Jette’s spare time is spent with her family and friends which often takes place in her big garden.

Jia Johannes Chen

Jia Johannes Chen

Junior Project Manager, MSc Eng in Design and Innovation

tel. +45 60 29 78 19

Jia advises within the fields of climate strategy, circular business models, and facilitation of sustainable innovation. He spends his spare time with friends, sports, and writes his own songs that he performs.

Julie Kamp Albæk

Julie Kamp Albæk

Project Manager, MSc in Engineering

tel. +45 31 75 17 07

Julie works with eco design, green public procurement and circular economy. In her spare time, Julie plays volley ball, goes out with her kayak, or plays board games with friends and family.

Kasper Egeberg

Senior Project Manager, Digital development and analyses, Cand.comm.

tel. +45 22 58 09 75

Kasper has extensive experience in digital projects, concept, and web development and communication. His passion is combining usability and technology.
A large part of Kasper's spare time is spent with his familie: His wife and 3 boys.

Klaus Ulrik Mortensen Viegand Maagoe

Klaus Ulrik Mortensen

Chief adviser, PR and PA, Journalist

tel. +45 25 68 80 00

Klaus consults on climate change mitigation and digital switch-over. Using his deep knowledge of technology and the utilities sector, he is able to identify trends with greater impact on society. When he's not growing potatoes, he spends his spare time with friends and family.

Kristian Madsen Viegand Maagøe

Kristian Madsen

Senior Project Manager, MSc in Climate Change

tel. +45 93 88 25 47

Lasse Thaisen

Lasse Vinblad Thaisen

Project Manager, MSc in Engineering

tel. +45 31 75 17 12

Lasse has deep experience with circular business models, waste management, reuse of plastics, and facilitating innovation. He spends his spare time catchting fish in the harbor of Copenhagen - rarely getting a bite.

Lene Winther

Head of Finance and Office, Graduate Diploma in Business Admin

tel. +45 27 10 42 79

Lene prepares annual and monthly reports and follows up on liquidity and budgets. In addition, she helps project managers with the project economy. In Lene’s spare time, she likes to travel. Helates is Lene’s favorite activity, although Zumba and strolls in the park make her happy too.


Lia Mundeling

Student assistant

tel. +45 33 34 90 00

Louise Hansen

Sernior project manager, MSc in International business

tel. +45 20 67 23 65

Louise has experience consulting internationally, especially in the energy sector. She works with strategic consulting and business development. In her spare time, Louise rides her bike, takes care of her sour dough, and drinks red wine with her friends.

Louise Ringtved Futtrup

Louise Ringtved Futtrup

Head of HR

tel. +45 20 16 17 15

Louise is the head of HR, and works with daily operation, legal issues, employee welfare, motivation, and development. She spends her spare time with friends and family, often in her house in the Swedish forest.

luna ærø witt

Luna Ærø Witt

Senior Project Manager, MSc in Political Science

tel. +45 28 96 56 48

Luna works with project management in the fields of sustainability, climate plans, in addition to strategic and financial consultation about green transition. She enjoys crossfit, surfboarding, sailing, and hiking.

Magnus Lyck Hansen Viegand Maagøe

Magnus Lyck Hansen

Project Manager, MSc Sustainable Energy

tel. +45 60 29 78 12

Magnus works with internal procedures in the technical support departmant, where he also helps out on different projects.
In his spare time Magnus enjoys sailing and kitesurfing. Other than that he socialises with friends and coeds at his dormitory.

Marianne Hartz Thomas

Partner, Head of communication and digital solutions, Journalist, MBA

tel. +45 24 83 23 63

Marianne consults on communication solutions regarding energy, climate, and sustainability. Her spare time is spent with her two boys - often on a football field - and she loves yoga and jogging.

Mark Lindved Norup

Mark Lindved Norup

Adviser, Journalist

tel. +45 33 34 90 00

Mark works with the press and communication to spread the gospel of green transition. He spends his spare time with his buddies or significant other.

Mathias Hermann

Junior Project Manager, MSc in Environmental Engineering

tel. +45 60 29 78 24

Mathias has experience making life cycle assessments (LCA), and has worked with several initiatives in the energy sector. He plays music when off work, and spends time with his significant other, friends, and family.

mette rames

Mette Rames

Partner, Head of Sustainability, MSc in Engineering

tel. +45 31 75 17 13

Mette works with Ecodesign and energy labelling tasks in the EU. In addition, Mette helps with energy optimization and analysis for our industrial clients. Mette is very fond of being active which is why she almost daily exercises CrossFit. Moreover, Mette is a sports diver.

Michael Reuss

Senior Adviser, Digital Concept Development

tel. +45 31 24 24 62

Michael is specialized in campaigns and concepts that help Danes save energy. He is particularly engaged in digital solutions that lead to energy saving behavior. At home, Michael´s family benefits from his cooking skills and his passion for a good meal.

Mie Skaarup Brødsgaard

Senior adviser, B.Eng

tel. +45 31 75 17 36

Mie works with mapping, potentials and energy- and environmental management within the industrial sector, with an expertise in dairy production. She enjoys long walks in the country side and spending time with her two girls, husband and cat.

Mie Skjødt Bruhn

Senior Project Manager, MSc in International Business & Politics

tel. +45 60 29 78 27

Mie works with leadership and strategy, and develops new strategic business areas. She also founded the professional network Sustainable Change Makers. She practices yoga, jogging, swimming and is an avid reader.

Morten Sandstrøm Petersen

Project Manager, MSc in Engineering

tel. +45 60 29 78 03

Morten works with data processing, optimization of energy processes, and feasibility of this. He is especially good at identifying potential areas for energy optimization.
In his free time, he plays soccer, hunts, and fishes. He is also a skilled cook.

Nicklas Høgh Iversen

Senior Project Manager, MSc in Engineering

tel. +45 31 75 17 32

Nicklas works with energy optimization and he is specialized in numerical models, thermodynamics, and energy optimization. In Nicklas' spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family. In addition, he teaches karate and takes care of his house in Roskilde.

Niels Jakobsen Viegand Maagøe

Niels Jakobsen

Chief Adviser, BSc in Energy

tel. +45 51 51 96 42

Niels holds +30 years of international experience in developing, planning and realizing energy production facilities, especially biomass and municipal solid waste. In his spare time, Niels is hiking, kayaking or bicycling.

Niklas Bagge Mogensen

Project Manager, MSc in Engineering

tel. +45 60 29 78 06

Niklas deals with data processing, thermodynamics, and heat pumps. Moreover, he is skilled in assessing energy systems as a whole. In Niklas’ spare time, he enjoys a walk with his dog and quality time with his friends and family.

Pernille Yding Fredslund

Head of Digital, MSc in Information Technology

tel. +45 26 13 62 60

Pernille is passionate about user friendly design and development of digital solutions, that improve every day life and simplifes complex topics. She enjoys spending time with family, at concerts and playing board games.

Peter Kristensen

Chief Adviser, MSc in Engineering

tel. +45 31 75 17 23

Peter puts his many years of industrial experience to good use when advising companies about energy consumption, utility systems, and renewable energy. Peter enjoys family life both at home and when exploring Latin countries.

peter maagøe petersen

Peter Maagøe Petersen

Partner, MSc in Engineering, PhD

tel. +45 21 70 03 08

Pimmie Cordova Schultz Viegand Maagøe

Pimmie Cordova Schultz

Chief Adviser, MSc in Engineering

tel. +45 31 75 17 08

Pimmie consults on energy- and sustainability strategies, energy consumption in public buildings, CO2 budgets, and behavior. Her spare time is spent on mountainbike, trail jogging, and with her husband and 4 children.


Rasmus Jelsbak Knudsen

Junior Project Manager, MSc in Sustainable Energy

tel. +45 60 29 78 17

Rasmus works with thermodynamics, and is passionate about lowering the industrial carbon footprint. In his spare time he plays several types of sport, and spends time with his buddies.

Rikke Næraa Viegand Maagøe

Rikke Næraa

Senior Project Manager, MSc in Engineering

tel. +45 31 75 17 34

Rikke has been working with energy analyses for more than 20 years. She also has several years of experience in ecodesign, energy labeling, and life cycle analyses.
Rikke enjoys using her spare time with family and friends.

Rocío Rodríguez Quintero

Chief Adviser, MSc. in Chemical Engineering

tel. +34 699 474 374

Rocío has several years of experience working on sustainable product policies such as ecodesign and energy labelling. Rocío spends her spare time with her family, and enjoys mountainbiking, hiking and also reading a good novel.

Sally Chantal Betzer Markussen

Junior Project Manager, MSc in User Experience Design

tel. +45 60 29 78 23

Sally uses her knowledge of behavioural design to improve digital solutions, as well as advising on social media and community involvement. She knows how to make tattoos, and are plays video games on Twitch on her days off.

Sandra Friis-Jensen

Chief Adviser, Head of section, MSc in Economics

tel. +45 31 75 17 15

Sandra works with financial and socioeconomic analysis together with strategic and financial consulting on green transition. When Sandra is off work, she prefers to go for a run. She also likes to go hiking or skiing which she does all over the world.

Sebastian Jensen

Sebastian Jensen

Rådgiver, MSc in Climate Change

tel. +45 60 29 78 21

Sebastian contributes with innovative solutions for climate strategies, sustainable business models, and green accounting. He enjoys jogging, climbing, biking, and going on fishing trips or hiking in nature.

Simon Algren

Simon Algren

Junior Project Manager, MSc in International Marketing & Management

tel. +45 31 75 17 09

Sofie Anthonisen

Project Manager, MSc in Environmental Engineering

tel. +45 60 29 78 26

Sofie's main focus is on LCAs and EPDs, but she also works with carbon footprint and GHG-calculators for businesses. She spends her free time cooking and eating food, and brews beer with her brother.

Sophie Sarauw Viegand Maagøe

Sophie Sarauw

Senior project Manager, MA in Int. Business Communication

tel. +45 20 96 66 37

Sophie’s primary task is project management. She deals with i.a. digital projects, marketing, and she consults through several helplines. In her spare time, you will find Sophie at a playground juggling with a cup of coffee or at a cross trainer in the local gym.

Søren Eriksen

Søren Eriksen

Partner, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), MSc in Economics

tel. +45 20 20 24 54

Søren oversees the day to day management. He has many years of experience with economy, and has great knowledge of the energy sector. Søren spends his spare time with his family and enjoys a getaway to sea in their sailing boat.

Søren Steensen

Søren Steensen

Adviser, Graphic designer

tel. +45 22 55 45 28

Søren creates all types of graphic and digital design. He enjoys spending free time away from the computer, and makes graphic prints with woodcuts, monotyping and etching.

Sune Kliborg

Senior Specialist, Graphic design and game development, Graphic Designer

tel. +45 21 46 58 05

Sune is a graphic designer specializing in identity design. His competencies cover a wide range of visual communication and projects from print materials to webdesign. His spare time is spent outside, hiking, and kayaking.

Trine Wichmand Larsen

Senior Adviser, Journalist

tel. +45 60 29 78 11

Trine has many years of experience as a communications adviser with energi- and climate communication as her specialty. Concurrently she works as a kayak and forest fitness instructor.