Improved buildings use less energy.

Almost 40 % of Denmark’s energy consumption is in buildings. Viegand Maagøe assists private and public organisations in mapping and minimizing their energy consumption, including:

  • Energy management systems
  • Strategies and action plans for energy efficiency
  • Advising on sustainable constructions and certification
  • Review of buildings and analysis of the building’s energy consumption
  • Optimization of plant, equipment, and operation
  • COaccounts and environmental accounts
  • Energy budgets
  • Advising on legislation regarding buildings
  • Behavior change campaigns
  • Strategical plans for indoor climate
  • Authority process, applications, and planning permissions
We optimize:
  • heating plants and cooling plants
  • building envelope
  • ventilation
  • server room
  • lighting

Why choose Viegand Maagøe?

Viegand Maagøe has as number of building experts. Together, our experts cover a wide spectrum and ensure the best possible solution for the customer:

  • Experience
    We have several years of experience in advising on sustainable- and energy efficient buildings.
  • Specialists in general
    We have experts on everything from the office blocks’ server room to waste heating in the industry hall and strategies for initiatives in municipalities’ buildings. Our experts have gained extensive knowledge from working with several aspects of different types of buildings.
  • Holistic
    A broad perspective often leads to savings or solutions you wouldn’t have seen with a narrow perspective. We have a holistic approach in our projects in order to ensure that our customers make the right decisions.
  • Distinctive communication
    We have in-house communications expert and we put an honor in communicating complex content in an understandable manner.
pimmie cordova Schultz

Pimmie Cordoca Schultz holds a MSc in Engineering. She is specialized in buildings and energy- and sustainability strategies.

Mobil: +45 31 75 17 08

peter maagøe petersen

Peter Maagøe Petersen holds a MSc in Engineering. He advises on energy demand management and energy improvements in buildings and installations. Peter has a wealth of experience in industrial processes.

Mobil: +45 21 70 03 08

What can you achieve?

With our help, you can for instance:

  • gain an overview of your buildings and consumption patterns
  • execute an energy strategy which involves all of your buildings
  • save costs on energy expenditures
  • improve energy budgets
  • lower COemission and get a greener profile
  • obtain a better and more stable operation of buildings
  • create better energy habits everyday
  • attain a better indoor climate.

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