Enhance your brand with podcasts

Podcasts can be a valuable addition to your existing communication, both internally and externally. If you have a compelling story, podcasts can give voice to narratives, create presence, and bring listeners closer to you.

Benefits of podcasts:

  • Personal and informal
    The spoken format, combined with the fact that podcasts are often consumed in private settings, such as while cleaning, means that they can be both personal and informal without compromising credibility.
  • Detailed
    Long explanations, such as on a website, often overwhelm users. On the other hand, podcasts are well-suited for delving into details and typically work best when they have a certain length, allowing for an in-depth exploration of a topic.
  • Cost-effective
    Podcasts naturally require preparation, but once the guests are in the studio, the difference between producing 15 minutes or 1 hour isn’t significant.

What type of podcast do you need?

  1. Brand
    Brand your company, but remember that the content should provide value to the listener.
  2. Project
    Share insights and results from a specific project.
  3. Internal knowledge sharing
    For larger companies and organizations looking to share knowledge internally.
  • Branding channel or standalone podcasts
  • Concept development and dummy episodes
  • Organization and editorial plan
  • Script
  • Fully edited podcast

If you possess the required skills to produce podcasts independently, our studio is available for rental, with or without technical assistance.

A typical process for podcast production

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