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If your company is making strides in the sustainability agenda, there’s no need to keep it under wraps. Use press and PR to highlight the stories that strengthen your business. Ensure that the positive messages are spread through the right channels, reaching the right ears – whether it’s the general public, potential B2B customers, investors, or another target group.

When assisting companies with their press work on green transformation, we draw upon our extensive experience in the field. We ensure that companies avoid greenwashing, as well as missed PR and press opportunities in the form of greenhushing. If there is a need for consultation, such as calculations or technical assessments, we can tap into our other resources within the organization, which include sustainability experts.

Typical deliverables
  • Communication strategic advisory
  • Udarbejde kernefortælling for jeres virksomhed
  • Communications plan 
  • Press releases and news
  • Media contact and dissemination of stories
  • Media monitoring and reporting
  • Crisis management plan
  • Media training for interviews and delivery of core messages

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Mark Lindved Norup

Mark Lindved Norup

Adviser, Journalist

Mobil: +45 51 95 26 51